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Collection of Indian Ads-Get Nostalgic!!

Gone are the days when we use to sit in front of TV all day long flipping through channels,watching movies ,serials,sports with some refreshing ads,those ads which brought fortunes for many of the companies not to forget the money celebrities make through endorsements are forgotten or shelved.Here I am posting some of those Ads which bring back our childhood memories..Watch&enjoy!!

Airtel Ads
Airtel ad 1
Airtel ad 2
Airtel ad 3
Airtel ad 4
Airtel ad 5
Airtel ad 6
Airtel ad 7
Airtel ad 8

Fevicol Ads
Fevicol Katrina Ad
Fevicol Aliens Ad
Fevicol Bus Ad
Fevicol Rajasthan Ad
Fevicol Mseal Ad
Fevicol Elephant Ad

Amul Ads
Amul Ad 1
Amul Ad 2
Amul Ad 3
Amul Ad 4
Amul Ad 5

Cadbury's Ads
Cadbury Ad 1
Cadbury Ad 2
Cadbury Ad 3
Cadbury Ad 4
Center Shock Ad 1
Center Shock Ad 2

Chloromint Ads
Chloromint Ad 1
Chloromint Ad 2
Chloromint Ad 3

Bajaj Ads
Bajaj Ad 1
Bajaj Ad 2
Bajaj Ad 3

Misc Ads
glycodin Ad
Heinz Ad
Surf Excel Ad
RediffMail Ad
BoroPlus Ad
Temptation Deo Ad
Indian Matrimonial Ad
Camlin Ad

Nescafe Ads
Nescafe Ad 1
Nescafe Ad 2
Nescafe Ad 3

Aishwarya ads for loreal
loreal Aish Ad 1
loreal Aish Ad 1

A r Rahman music for ads
Cinthol ad-music by ARrahman
World ad space-music by ARrahman
Leo coffe ad-music by ARrahman
Volvic ad-music by ARrahman
Banyan Theme-music by ArRahman


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Telugu Hit Songs

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